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My Journey

For as long as I can remember, I have always been curious about the human mind. I have always wondered what exactly it is that makes people genuinely happy, successful and fulfilled with life. And on the flip side what causes people to struggle and gain anxiety or depression.


I was fortunate enough to have a great upbringing and had many opportunities. After finishing university, I couldn’t resist my wanderlust and I ended up travelling the world attempting to fulfil the quest to find my inner self. And although I had amazing adventures, got married on return and gave birth to two wonderful girls, even I have not escaped challenges that led me to where I am today.


Over 10 years ago whilst travelling through India I became very ill and developed problems with my stomach and bowels which over the next few years manifested itself into anxiety. This anxiety initially prevented me leaving the house early in the morning but soon I found I was having panic attacks on the tube, in cars, at work, basically anywhere outside of the comfort zone of my home.


So on my journey to heal myself I came across a Marisa Peer Method therapist who has literally changed my life.


Over the past few years I had tried other alternative therapies which helped but that would ultimately lead me back to my old negative beliefs. It is the Marisa Peer Method that has been the most effective and that too in one session. I was able to make the familiar, unfamiliar and eradicate my old beliefs to change my behaviour and actions for good. My new life is calmer, happier and above all I feel liberated because the Marisa Peer Method gave me the power to change my thoughts forever.

Hypnotherapist Therapist

My Background

I was always good at sciences at school but at 18 years old I hardly had a grasp on what I wanted to be. So it happened that I fell into the route of becoming a pharmacist. Whilst I loved university, the career that followed was met with much less enthusiasm. However over the next decade, followed marriage and children, and as my girls came first, my career took a back seat. In 2015 my girls were both in full time education and my husband suggested perhaps taking on more hours. Yet as day turned to night I found myself lying awake thinking something doesn't feel right. It felt like a piece of the jigsaw was missing.


Although I enjoyed the interaction I had with my patients and giving advice on healthy living, I found myself constantly wanting to help patients even more, more than just the drugs I was giving them. Don’t get me wrong, while I respect and appreciate that drugs have a place in dealing with a range of problems, I often had long soulful conversations with patients who knew that the drug they were taking seldom got to the root cause of what was going on inside them. So this, with my growing scepticism of the pharmaceutical industry, I just knew I had to do something else with my life, something more meaningful.


Around this time I was lucky enough to find the world renowned therapist Marisa Peer, and whilst training with her I had one session of hypnotherapy that further cemented my desire to become a Marisa Peer Therapist and empower people, set them free just as I have been.


Early on in my career as a pharmacist I recognised the importance of words and how they affect people positively or negatively. I understood the power of the brain and how our thoughts can affect our behaviour. These skills have been honed by training as a Marisa Peer Therapist. I am now able to offer patients a more holistic approach, enabling them to understand the root cause of the problem which in turn gives them power to deal with the issue head on and then find the cure.


I have always been intuitive to people’s feelings and am incessantly passionate about changing lives. I believe everybody deserves a chance at a better life. And I believe that well-being begins from within.

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