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Mental Wellbeing


Depression can have a debilitating effect on peoples lives. It stops motivation and eats away at willpower, replacing it with apathy, inertia and more depression.


When you are depressed you feel bad because you are thinking bad thoughts. You filter out all the good and only concentrate on the negative, until eventually, you only see, feel, think and talk about what is so bad with YOU, which in turn makes you feel worse.


The negative thinking is not conscious behaviour so by tapping into your subconscious mind we can re-programme your mind with positive thoughts.




Whether you suffer from low self-esteem, have a fear of public speaking, exam nerves or want to improve your performance and rewire yourself for success, hypnotherapy will free you from self-destructive thoughts and behaviours, allowing you to live a confident, motivated and happier life.



Anxiety is a word we use to describe feelings of unease, worry and fear. Everyone has anxious feelings at some point in their lives, such as sitting an exam or having a baby. These feelings usually pass when the situation is over.


For some people, however, the feelings of anxiety are more constant, very strong, and become overwhelming. It can affect your daily life and sometimes with paralysing effects. In hypnotherapy we use our skills to challenge these negative behaviours that are being run by negative thoughts.


Since nobody is born with anxiety, it’s the meaning that is attached to an event that causes negative thoughts. Your mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs. You can change beliefs. In hypnotherapy we work on identifying the beliefs that created the anxiety, and letting them go so you can live the life you deserve.



Anger Management

We experience a plethora of emotions throughout the course of the day and for most people they will be able to control their feelings and keep them in check. Nevertheless there will be a few people that will struggle to control their temper.


This can manifest itself in various situations and lead to a whole host of further issues. Other problems such as anxiety, stress, or even addiction can be linked to anger management problems. But all of these issues can be helped through hypnotherapy. It can help you to understand and release the pain enabling you to better express yourself and feel calm.

Menatl Wellbeing Depression Anxiety Confidence Anger Management

No matter how hopeless the situation feels, it is never too late to get help.

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