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My philosophy is to provide my clients with rapid, effective, lasting results, making them feel like new again.

Here's what a few of my clients have said about their experience with working with me, that will give you the confidence to call me today and allow me to help free you.

"Completely worth the money "

I have had a long battle with general and social anxiety and just a week after my session with Sharan I am already seeing and feeling massive improvements.


Sharan was very patient during the session and I felt she really cared about helping me. Completely worth the money!

From Micaela on February 2017

 "Now I"m able to be more positive "

I feel much more positive, it's strange because if I'm in a situation where I know I would normally be anxious, it makes me think that's strange, I'm not anxious and previously I would make myself anxious but now I'm able to be more positive and think of something else.

From Megan on January 2017

 "I cannot explain what a turnaround I've made from before I met you "

I'm doing really well. I feel so much better than before, I cannot explain what a turn around I've made from before I met you.

A girl vomited literally at my feet on the train a few weeks back. this time last year I would have let that consume my thoughts but after a day or so I pretty much forgot about it!

I've recommended you to lots of girls who I hope you'll help like you have done for me.

From Chelsey on November 2016

 "I now maintain a positive outlook on life and feel great"

Sharan did an amazing job to help me regain my confidence after a recent separation from my wife and a rocky relationship with my father.


With her help and listening to her words every night before I go to sleep I have managed to develop the confidence in myself to find a great new job, buy the car of my dreams, quit drinking, move into a great new home and mend my relationship with my dad. 


I now maintain positive outlook on life and feel great, I couldn't have asked for any more!

From Rick on November 2016

"I have felt a tangible change in my behaviour"

I was quite sceptical before my session with Sharan but came out of it better equipped to deal with my anxiety issues. Sharan is very thorough in the research beforehand and patient and understanding throughout the session.


I have felt a tangible change in my behaviour after seeing Sharan and it's also important to utilise the recording and messages that she provides you with to help following the session.

From Av on August 2016

"The work Sharan did with me contributed to changing the way I thought about pain, giving me a new mindset"

I'd been having back problems for over a year and found out I had a bulging disc pushing against my spine, causing pain in my lower back and all through my legs. I had tried physiotherapy, steroid injections and painkillers to try to make my daily life more comfortable but nothing was working.

Then I found Sharan. She was amazing. Not only was I impressed by her compassion, but her commitment and determination to help me was compelling. Sharan worked with me to understand why and how the pain had been caused, through a short hypnosis session. She provided me with a recording which I listened to every evening.


After 10 days my pain had practically disappeared. I was able to move more easily and completely forgot that I had been struggling to get by for months. I truly believe that the work Sharan did with me contributed to changing the way I thought about pain, giving me a new mindset to get back to being active again. I can't thank Sharan enough!.

From Paula on June 2016

"Since my hypnotherapy session I haven't had one panic attack and now understand why I had them in the first place"

I have suffered with anxiety and shortness of breath for years, I couldn't seem to shift it. I then had rapid transformational therapy with Sharan and in one session it had revealed why I have anxiety.


I was a bit worried about having the hypnotherapy as I thought I would not be in control but was actually the complete opposite, Sharan has the most relaxing and soothing voice that I went from being quite anxious to relaxed within minutes.


Since my hypnotherapy session I haven't had one panic attack and now understand why I had them in the first place, I now listen to Sharan's voice as it's really helps when I need relaxation.I feel like I am back to my normal self and any negative thoughts I can deal with more positvely, my sleeping pattern has improved greatly and now have the best nights sleep.


I would like to say a massive thank you to Sharan for getting my life back to normal.

From Charlene on August 2016

"It has most definitely helped calm me"

I found Sharan very easy to talk to and felt comfortable with her hypnotising me. I suffered from motor way anxiety and had panic attacks when driving on motorways/dual carriageways.


I have been listening to my recording and it has most definitely helped calm me making my journeys stress free!

From Dawn on September 2016

"I would totally recommend a session with Sharan"

I have been a smoker for some years and decided to have a hypnotherapy session with Sharan. The session was very relaxing and her voice almost sent me to sleep.


Although I haven't completely stopped smoking yet, I have cut my consumption greatly. I continue to listen to the recording on a daily basis as this not only helps with the smoking, her voice relaxes me completely.


Sharan is a really nice person and very professional. I would totally recommend a session with her.

From Sue on August 2016

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