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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis that allows us access to the subconscious mind. This is the part of the mind that holds your thoughts and affects your behaviour.


You can think of it as a huge memory bank whose capacity is almost limitless.


It stores in there everything that ever happens to you. The job of the subconscious is to serve you twenty four seven. It makes you think and act in ways that are consistent with what you have said and done in the past.


All your habits of thinking and habits of action are stored in your subconscious. Your subconscious is receptive to suggestions, hence in hypnotherapy we are able to change and rewire unwanted behaviours, habits and beliefs, empowering you to set yourself free and realise your full potential.


The first part of the session involves us discussing in more detail what it is you wish to let go of and what you would like to achieve.


From here I gently guide you into a hypnotic state, and then using regression, together we will establish the subconscious beliefs that are operating the unwanted behaviour you wish to change.

Once you gain an understanding of the root cause of your issue, I use powerful techniques that allow you to be released from the negative beliefs holding you back, giving you rapid results.

During the latter part of the session, the cure, you will receive a bespoke recording to use at home for the next 21 days. The recording contains positive descriptive words that your mind will lock onto creating a new you with the permanent results you want and need.

When you gently emerge from hypnosis, we will have a chat and reflect on what you have learnt and let go of. This is also an opportunity to ask further questions.


As your therapist trust is of utmost importance to me. I believe in building a good relationship with you, ensuring you feel safe and comfortable at all times. All client information is kept strictly confidential.

What can I expect?

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